The All American Carousel – Your kids perfect carousel that evokes the classic rides encountered in the carnivals

The All American Carousel [SOURCE] is your kids perfect American-themed carousel this summer simply because it arouses your kids favorite classic rides specially when they’re in their favorite carnival or even at their favorite recreation parks.

Thanks to the carousel’s sturdy yet very fun to play with construction system partnered with high-quality paint and unique American decoration, attracting kids to play their favorite ride at their very own carnival playground is now possible.

The All American Carousel

The All American Carousel

This carousel even features a sturdy diamond plate platform capable of providing perfect footing and because it already includes everything you need to put up your kid’s very own carnival carousel like PVC canvas canopy, flag, spiraled pole and more, kids will surely enjoy their summer vacation right at their very own entertainment backyard.

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The All American Carousel even comes with an integrated digital sound system with flashing LED lights, enjoying the classic carousel ride complete with music and flashing lights makes entertainment even more fun and entertaining just perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above.

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