The Award Winning Slime Chemistry Lab – uses slime, bubbles and crystals to teach kids science

Looking for a playset that will help teach your kids science at home? Give them the Award Winning Slime Chemistry Lab, a uniquely designed science lab that uses slime, crystals and bubbles to help kids learn science effectively at home with their friends.

This slime chemistry lab already includes 57 different pieces of tools and accessories to help wannabe scientist perform different experiments including making invisible ink and glow in the dark slime, it even allow your kids to test the juice pH levels just like what scientist loves to do.

Slime Chemistry Lab

Slime Chemistry Lab

This chemistry lab set also includes tools needed like test tubes, funnel, flask, pipette and a lot more including an experiment manual so kids can easily follow along on its 16-page easy to follow experiments.

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Slime Chemistry Lab 1

Other experiments need some help from real household items including soap, salt and more just perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above. Measures only 16×11.5×31/4 inches in length, width and diameter respectively and only weighs 2 3/4lbs.

You can buy the slime chemistry lab for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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