The Smoking Fast RC Ford Mustang – A 1:14 scale ford mustang GT4 that reaches a speed of 9 mph

Not satisfied with your remote controlled ford mustang because it cannot provide the fastest speed you’ve been looking for every time you race with your friends? Try the Smoking Fast RC Ford Mustang, a 1:14 scale GT4 Mustang capable of providing speed of up to 9mph.

This remote controlled Ford Mustang is perfect for drag racing simply because it is equipped with all the necessary tools including a tail pipe that shoots steam to show kids a drag-racing like speedster partnered with interchangeable tires so kids will enjoy peeling out and leaving trail of steam around the neighborhood will not be a problem.

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Smoking Fast RC Ford Mustang

This RC Ford Mustang already comes with a uniquely designed remote control capable of providing up to 82 feet of control range enough to direct the included RC Mustang forward and backward, turning left to right and even drifting around will not be a problem.

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Smoking Fast RC Ford Mustang 1

The Smoking Fast RC Ford Mustang uses tires capable of conquering any type of terrains and best of all, it can even perform side drifts together with its working headlights and tail lights, now kids ages 8 years old and above will definitely have a perfect time drag racing with other RC fanatics out there.

You can buy the RC Ford Mustang for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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