The Award Winning Physics Experiment Kit – A construction and experimentation kit that teaches the laws of physics

The Award Winning Physics Experiment Kit [SOURCE] is your kids perfect experimentation and construction kit specially if you want to teach them the laws of physics. Thanks to the included kit where kids can build different models such as windmill, sail car, crane and a lot more.

This experiment kit not only teaches kids how to construct their very own master pieces but at the same time provides fun and engaging play of course while learning the basics of mechanical physics.

The Award Winning Physics Experiment Kit

The Award Winning Physics Experiment Kit

Its 305-piece set already includes inclined planes, gears, screws, levers, pulleys, wheels and axles just enough to get your kids busy doing some experiments from basic pulley and on to a more complex machines like robots, pendulum clock and even a hammer machine.

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The Award Winning Physics Experiment Kit already includes a 64-page fully illustrated manual complete with samples of real world applications for each inventions. Simply add 2 c-batteries for the motor and they’re good to go.

Watch the physics kit in action [HERE].

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