The Award Winning Self Balancing Game-Bot – the interactive robot that detects motion, responds to hand gestures, and plays games

The Award Winning Self Balancing Game-Bot (available here) is your kids perfect holiday toy simply because besides its self balancing feature, kids can also interact with the robot.

Thanks to the game-bot’s unique sensor capable of detecting motion, responding to your kids hand gestures and even allowing them to play games and because it has a pair of balancing wheels, holding hoops and even stacking pancakes will not be a problem.

Self Balancing Game-Bot

The Award Winning Self Balancing Game-Bot

This interactive game-bot already comes with a free application for Android and iOS devices, a perfect inclusion so kids can control the operation of the robot and even access other important games like reflex challenge, memory games and a lot more without any problem.

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Self Balancing Game-Bot1

The Award Winning Self Balancing Game-Bot is unique because it also features up to 80 different expressions, it can even do some different dance moves, unique reactions once your kids do some movements and best of all, it already comes with hoop and tray attachments and 3 basketballs just perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above.

You can buy the interactive game-bot for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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