The Ball Launching Programmable Robot – that walks, dances, launches balls, picks up objects, and can be programmed

The Ball Launching Programmable Robot (available here) is unique because besides its capability of walking and dancing, this RC robot is also capable of launching and picking up balls or any object any time.

This RC robot is programmable and because it already comes with an easy to use remote control, allowing robot fanatics to control the robot’s different movements and even program the robot’s different actions including playing your kids favorite music will be more fun and exciting.

Ball Launching Programmable Robot

The Ball Launching Programmable Robot

This remote controlled robot is unique because it is equipped with a gripping claw designed to help kids pick up balls while its unique arm will allow the children to launch balls without any problem.

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Ball Launching Programmable Robot1

The Ball Launching Programmable Robot also features expressive and artistic eyes that lit up uniquely using LED lights and best of all, it already comes with a remote control with integrated volume level control and 3 launching balls. This rc robot only measures 15x12x6 inches in height, width and diameter respectively and only weighs 2lbs.

You can buy this remote controlled robot for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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