The Marvel Pinball Machine – with 10 built-in Marvel-themed games that deliver a classic arcade experience at home

The Marvel Pinball Machine (currently taking orders here) is unique when it comes to providing your kids with up to 10 Marvel themed pinball arcade games right at their very own entertainment room.

Thanks to this uniquely designed pinball cabinet equipped with a 24 inches LCD playing field just to produce that classic virtual game of pinball so you and your kids can enjoy the game every time.

Marvel Pinball Machine

This pinball arcade machine will allow everyone to play pinball such as the Spider-Man, Venom, Civil War, Fantastic 4, Thor, Wolverine and more of course each with their very own playing environments complete with animated characters, bumpers, ramps and even flippers.

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Marvel Pinball Machine1

The Marvel Pinball Machine even features an easy to read scoreboard, a working plunger, easy to adjust metal legs and a speaker so you and your kids can hear the different sound effects, voices of the included different characters or even play music and best of all, it only measures 59.5×20.5×36 inches in height, width and length respectively and only weighs 97lbs.

You can buy this pinball arcade machine for only $999.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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