The 360 Degree Spinning Electric Buggy – lets a child execute 360 degrees spins and drifting slides

The 360 Degree Spinning Electric Buggy —[SOURCE]— is your kids perfect electric ride capable of spinning and drifting slides at 360 degrees just enough to provide young explorers to execute their favorite fun time at home.

This electric buggy already comes with a central steering system equipped with 3 easy to use buttons to allow the riders to easily go forward or backward for up to 5.5mph, it even allows them to turn left and right easily.

The 360 Degree Spinning Electric Buggy

The 360 Degree Spinning Electric Buggy

This electric ride is perfect for performing some corner drifts and even those dizzying twirls and because it can support kids up to 88lbs just enough for young drifters out there who wants to enjoy roaming around with their friends.

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The 360 Degree Spinning Electric Buggy 1

The 360 Degree Spinning Electric Buggy has an adjustable footrest and already includes a rechargeable 12volt battery capable of providing up to 50 minutes of drifting, spinning and driving around after a full charged via AC. Weighs only 42lbs.

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  1. I order 6 spinning carts for my grandkids for Easter present all the recieved was a cheap metal ring
    An absolute rip off. Please keep well clear of offers on Pinterest they should not be allowed to advertise as it’s just a way to entice you to seek a bargain but then you get robbed
    Also you have to pay by visa
    You cannot pay through PayPal so there is no way of a refund as you cannot get in touch with the so called sellers
    There’s no fool like an old fool
    Republic of Ireland

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