The All Terrain Buggy Racer – A pedal racer ride-on vehicle for kids perfect for off-roading action

You want your kids feel what it takes to drive a ride-on vehicles and do some driving over rough terrain? Give them the All Terrain Buggy Racer [SOURCE], a pedal racer designed for kids ages 5 and above who wants to have a taste of off-roading around the street or even while having an outing.

This German made All Terrain Buggy Racer is made with durable tubular steel frame to make sure your kids will have fun time racing around of course without worrying about any problem while its plastic tires will allow young racers to pedal across the beach, lawn or on almost any type of ground.

The All Terrain Buggy Racer

The All Terrain Buggy Racer

This ride-on vehicle has a nice sporty steering wheel designed to catch your kids attention while its responsive steering wheel partnered with hand powered rear brake lever allows young racers to stop anytime.

The All Terrain Buggy Racer 1

This Ride On Buggy Racer has a fully enclosed chain enough to keep greases and dirt away from your kids while the uniquely molded seat will simply allow young drivers to adjust to any position they want just to have a comfortable pedaling session.

This buggy racer for kids is capable of supporting up to 150lbs. riders and weighs only 38lbs.

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