The 200 Trick Rubik’s Magic Set – Contains over 200 tricks using cards, ropes and Rubik’s cube

Planning to replace your old and boring Rubik’s cube? Try this 200 Trick Rubik’s Magic Set —[SOURCE]—, a complete set of magic as endorsed by Brotherhood of Magicians to entertain wannabe illusionists right at the comfort of their very own home.

This Rubik’s Cube Magic Set contains over 200 tricks, that’s a lot of tricks to enjoy such as using ropes, cards and cubes that will amaze that just your kids but to amuse and also to mystify your kid’s audience at home.

The 200 Trick Rubik's Magic Set

The 200 Trick Rubik’s Magic Set

This magic set already comes with an easy to follow manual and an instructional video that can be downloaded easily where it explains how to easily execute all the magic tricks just like pro illusionists out there.

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The 200 Trick Rubik's Magic Set 1

The 200 Trick Rubik’s Magic Set is perfect for kids ages 7 years old and above and only measures 20 3/4x11x3.5 inches in length, width and diameter. Weighs only 8oz.

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