The MOMA Stacking Chair Game – Allows players to form sculptures without toppling

The MOMA Stacking Chair Game [SOURCE] is a set of small chairs designed to challenge kids to form artistic creation of course without falling down the sculptures.

The chair is made from compressed cardboard and can be assembled easily in seconds. Chairs can be stacked with one another in different position including triangular, vertical, branch and even asymmetrical patterns.

The MOMA Stacking Chair Game

The MOMA Stacking Chair Game

This stacking chair game is very sturdy to make sure owners can form sculptures in perfect balance and best of all, it is optimized using deft placement so players can even display them full-time on their favorite desk or at a coffee table.

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The MOMA Stacking Chair Game 1

The MOMA Stacking Chair Game can be easily assembled and each chair only measures 3×11/4×11/4 inches in height, width and diameter.

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