Special Edition BB-8 Sphero with Force Band – Officially-licensed Star Wars The Force Awakens merchandise

Special Edition BB-8 Sphero with Force Band —[VIDEO]— allows kids to control the BB-8 Droid using push and pull force, thanks to its included Force Band, trekking across your neighborhood on a special mission is now more fun and exciting.

Equipped with authentic movements where kids have the option to guide the droid using their favorite tablet, smartphone or the included band, it even allows them to use the band for some combat training because the BB-8 Sphero will recognize and react to your kids voice.

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Special Edition BB-8 Sphero with Force Band

Special Edition BB-8 Sphero with Force Band

This edition of BB-8 with Force Band is very easy to configure and use, simply pair it with your favorite gadgets or with the included band through Bluetooth and you’re good to go recording, sending and even viewing virtual holocrons videos and because this model of BB-8 has a mind of its own, exploring together will not be a problem.

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Special Edition BB-8 Sphero with Force Band 1

With 1 hour of drive time partnered with high grade polycarbonate body, running head-to-head even to other Star Wars fanatics will not be a problem, just pair it separately, bring them together for some adventure and you’re good to go.

Watch the droid and force band in action HERE.


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