The Pop Art 3D Glass Scrabble – displays majestic landmarks from around the globe rendered in vibrant 3D artwork

Tired of playing your scrabble game because it has no colorful illustration backgrounds to entice players to think more and have fun playing scrabble game? Here’s Pop Art 3D Glass Scrabble —[SOURCE]—, a limited edition scrabble equipped with different landmarks across the globe in 3D artwork.

This heirloom-quality scrabble game is capable of displaying lots of colorful illustrations including the famous Sydney Opera House, Statue of Liberty, Pyramid of Giza and a lot more appropriately located in their own country and continent.

The Pop Art 3D Glass Scrabble

The Pop Art 3D Glass Scrabble

Besides its vibrant artwork feature, this limited edition scrabble even comes with a turntable board so competitors can spin it to get the right side view of the world, it even comes with a foil accents, encased in wood cabinet partnered with tempered glass top to make scrabble players have fun playing the game every time.

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The Pop Art 3D Glass Scrabble 1

The Pop Art 3D Glass Scrabble already includes 4 tile racks, glass tiles, hardbound scoreboard, timer and even drawstring pouch and best of all, it is hand-signed and numbered by its renowned artist to make it more unique and stylish. Weighs only 26lbs.

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