The Voice Activated BB-8 – A motorized replica of the popular droid that responds to your voice commands

The Voice Activated BB-8 [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to responding to your voice command but at the same time the perfect motorized replica that loyally follows you wherever you go.

This popular droid can be controlled using its included remote control from up to 40 feet or better yet use its interactive mode so it can follow your command like giving them direction to stand guard to monitor who’s coming.

The Voice Activated BB-8

The Voice Activated BB-8

This motorized BB-8 droid is even capable of generating lights and sounds just like its film counterpart and because it already includes 6 different moods such as scared, happy, curious and sad, playing with this astromech droid is now more fun and entertaining.

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The Voice Activated BB-8 1

The Voice Activated BB-8 already includes an AC adapter for recharging the droid’s body while its included USB cable will allow the owner to also charge its lovable head. Weighs 11lbs.

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