Scrambler Wood Complete Play Set – A value-packed and space-saving solution backyard playground set for kids

Scrambler Wood Complete Play Set [SOURCE] is your kids complete playground set made with premium lumber to make sure kids will not just have hours but years of fun and entertaining afternoon because it is covered with lifetime warranty against breaks and cracks.

This playground set is perfect if you have smaller backyard yet it is equipped with all the necessary tools like two swing set, wave slide, canopy, steering wheel, picnic table and rock wall so kids can enjoy swinging, sliding, wall climbing and more.

Scrambler Wood Complete Play Set

Scrambler Wood Complete Play Set

This wood playset is your solution if you are looking for a smaller yet complete set of backyard entertainment playground, whether your kids love to whirl on the sturdy swing, zoom down its cool wave slide and even traversing the rock wall, this cool play set will make sure your kids will have hours of fun this summer.

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Scramble Wood Complete Play Set already includes all the necessary accessories and is ready to assemble, just follow the included illustrated instruction and you’re good to go.

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