Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC – complete with animated eyes, emotive suspension and animatronic mouth

Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen [SOURCE] is an app-enabled remote control car complete with animated eyes, emotive suspension, animatronic mouth that can be controlled using your kids favorite tablet or smartphone.

This racing star is not just capable of zipping and zapping around with style but at the same time very easy to use, kids will simply connect to the app, hit the gas and watch Lightning McQueen race to life complete with emotive actions and speech.

Sphero's Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC

Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC

Besides its personality on display, this RC can even provide a hairpin turn, drift like a pro racer and best of all, it comes complete with different modes like free drive where kids can slide their finger on the pad to guide McQueen. Need to change tires? How about joining your kids crew for some coaching before proceeding to the race? No problem because the app also comes with a pit stop mode so your kids will also experience fueling up, changing tires and more.

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Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC has a speed of up to 6mph just enough to drive, drift, play games and even train the kids for their next big race of course using the included app and best of all, its integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery can provide of up to 40min. of non-stop action with just an hour of battery charging. Also includes chargers and quick start guide so kids ages 8 years old and above can start racing around.

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