Mouse Raceway – already includes a programmable robotic mice

Utilizing the elements of science and technology, mathematics and engineering curriculum, this activity set will definitely provide your kids some perfect afternoon of fun designing and programming the robotic mice to race to the end.

Introducing the Mouse Raceway —[SOURCE]—, a complete activity kit for kids design to help them provide the perfect programming of 16 board pieces, 22 walls and tunnels layouts complete with different difficulty levels.


Mouse Raceway

Kids will then start programming a path for each included mouse to navigate using codes and commands, and because it comes with an easy to use buttons at the back of the mouse, having fun racing around the maze will not be a problem.

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This Raceway is perfect for single or multi-player games, it even allows the kids to compete with their friends or team up in order to completely control the opponent’s master labyrinth and best of all, it already comes with 10 activity cards where kids can get some design ideas, 30 cards for them to easily follow coding and of course a piece of cheese for the mice.

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