The Artificially Intelligent Raceway – The first of its kind remote controlled racing set for kids

The Artificially Intelligent Raceway

The Artificially Intelligent Raceway

Tired of your remote controlled racing set that can’t provide the perfect turns and daring passes at speed of 180 mph scale? Not anymore because the Artificially Intelligent Raceway [SOURCE] is here to assist racers for a more daring action remote control racing at its best.

The Artificially Intelligent Raceway is the first RC racing set that uses a uniquely designed AI track so young RC racers will enjoy competing against other racers or using a virtual opponent, thanks to the racetrack’s very easy to assemble function partnered with a very sophisticated electronic built raceway surface, drifting on any angles and doing some daring passes is now more fun and exciting.

The Artificially Intelligent Raceway 2

This Intelligent Raceway is also partnered with an optical sensor located at the each car’s body to automatically establish a perfect balance on both the track and the racing rc cars helping young drivers to cleave to the track as they attempt daring drift and tight turns.

The Artificially Intelligent Raceway already comes with different competition modes built and includes a 2.4ghz wireless pistol that doubles as controllers and at the same time provides in-race announcements such as pit lane visits, lap times, race positions and a lot more.

Visit [THIS PAGE] to read the rest of the features.

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