The Realistic Rocking Horse for Kids – With huggable plush-fabric coat, realistic mane and plumy tail

Equipped with realistic sound and movements, this rocking horse —[SOURCE]— is perfect for wannabe cowboys and cowgirls who wants to have their very own animated rocking horse at home for some fun adventure any time.

Kids can easily sit tall right at horse’s fleece-lined saddle partnered with an easy to grip handles and metal stirrups for that comfortable horse back riding around every time.


Realistic Rocking Horse

A simple squeeze on the horse’s ears will bring the horse to life by providing neighing and galloping sound partnered with tail swishing and mouth animating without any problem.

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The Animated Rocking Horse is made with sturdy hardwood and has a solid wood rockers for that proud horse standing anywhere without any problem.

This Rocking Horse also features a realistic mane, plumy tail and huggable plush-fabric coat to make it your kid’s perfect lifelike horse riding any time and best of all, it already comes fully tacked with bridle and saddle, just don’t forget include some triple-a batteries though to start enjoying your horse riding adventure every time.

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