Lights and Sound Construction Site Play Set – A fun way to help kids learn how to build roads

Lights and Sound Construction Site Play Set is not just unique when it comes to teaching kids how to build roads but at the same time a fun to play with construction play set because it already includes all the necessary tools so kids ages 3 years old and above will have fun time at home.

This construction site play set already includes different structures and vehicles while the included workers and different tools will make constructing a fun way to do while at home with you and your friends.

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Construction Site Play Set

Construction Site Play Set

This play set even comes with lights and sounds so kids will have fun time building work area and because it has an included people that measures for about 1×2.5 inches in length and height, nothing can stop them from having fun.

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Construction Site Play Set 1

Lights and Sounds Construction Site Play Set has a play structure with 7x3x9 inches in length, width and height, large enough to help them build a better road and best of all, the recordings are in both English and Spanish. Don’t forget to include some triple-a batteries though before you start playing.

You can buy the construction site play set for only $38.64 with free shipping.

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