The Working RC Forklift – A remote controlled forklift that raises and tows cargo effectively

The Working RC Forklift is a uniquely designed remote controlled forklift capable of raising a cargo of up to 2.2lbs and at the same time tows freight of up to 35lbs. enough to provide remote control fanatics to start lifting and towing cargo right at their own playing area.

This RC forklift is powerful enough because it is made with sturdy alloy partnered with durable tires complete with superior traction designed to conquer almost any type of terrain and even those uphill driving scenes.

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Working RC Forklift

The Working RC Forklift

This remote controlled forklift already comes with a nice remote control capable of controlling the forklift even up to 98 feet range so turning left and right or even moving forward and backyards will not be a problem.

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Working RC Forklift 1

The Working RC Forklift even allows your kids to spin the forklift up to 360 degrees, moves its forks up and down with ease and best of all, it can be charged via its included USB cable, just don’t forget to add some batteries though on its remote to start controlling the forklift. Perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above and only weighs 101/4lbs.

You can buy the remote controlled forklift for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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