Jumbo Foam Construction Set – Your kids realistic block set for colossal construction

Looking for ways on how to develop your kids creativity? Give them this realistic building block set, a 99 pieces of soft and lightweight foam construction set perfectly designed so that it will look just like the real bricks, concrete paves and planks every time.

This easy to clean construction set is made with foam material yet it can be used for indoor and outdoor building block plays.

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Jumbo Foam Construction Set

Jumbo Foam Construction Set

Perfect for kids who wants to play building tall structures without worrying about getting your kids tumbling down because the blocks used are very light and safe foam bricks and planks yet looks realistically designed from real bricks and real wood.

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Jumbo Foam Construction Set 1

The Jumbo Foam Construction Set is perfect for developing your kids gross motor skills while at the same time encourage them to be creative simply by solving problem specially on building tall structures at home with their friends. The set already comes with 20 cinder block foam, 24 wooden block foam, 30 foam paves and 23 foam bricks.

You can buy the construction foam set for only $461.32 with free shipping.

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