Dinosaur Train Set and Table – A 95 pieces train set with table designed for budding archeologists

Dinosaur Train Set and Table [SOURCE] is a 95 pieces 40.16×40.16×15.24 inches table with dinosaur train set designed perfectly for young and promising archaeologists at home simply because kids will love to play along long and winding track passing along moving dinosaurs or even lifting and lowering down heavy logs just to satisfy their fun time.

Dinosaur Train Set and Table

Dinosaur Train Set and Table

This dinosaur train set and table even comes with prehistoric police station to man the ground, kids will love the fire station complete with plastic molded roofs or even let them pass the train cars through the plastic molded volcano from its different angles to complete the afternoon play time.

Dinosaur Train Set and Table 2

With this train set and table, kids will also love to play along smiling cavemen and women or hide them inside the tunnel that is uniquely built using dinosaur bones just in case the lave-filled volcano and roaming dinos are hunting for some fun time.

Watch out for giant insect kids, these train set and table will definitely provide some action in the morning till afternoon.

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