Mega Ramp Racing Set – A colorful 3 level collectible racing set for kids

Mega Ramp Racing Set [SOURCE]is a 3 level and very colorful racing set for kids that already comes with 5 vehicles and all the necessary pieces like speedy ramp, parking garage, car wash, gas station and more all in one handy package to make it your kids favorite car racing set.

Mega Ramp Racing Set by Kidkraft

Mega Ramp Racing Set

Mega Ramp Racing Set even comes with a gliding elevator to take the passenger straight to the top of the parking garage while the included launch pad is just ready to take the car race against each other any time.

Mega Ramp Racing Set by Kidkraft 1

This 3 story ramp racing set measures 34.49×14.57×22.36 inches in length, width and height enough to provide young racers with some awesome one-stop-shop for all their racing needs, there’s even lights that will help young racers to signal the start of the race time.

What are you waiting for, let your kids enjoy launching their favorite racing car high above the ground now and let them build up momentum just like the real racing action.

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