The Talking Children’s ATM Bank – helps children learn addition, subtraction and money management

You want to teach your kids how to solve math problem or even help them learn how to manage money? Give them this Talking Children’s ATM Bank —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed automatic teller machine for kids that teaches them learn basic addition, subtraction and even money management.

This talking ATM allows kids to simply insert real currency right through the ATM’s coin slot and bill feeder and then allow them to manually enter the denomination, a perfect skill for memorizing coins and bills.

The Talking Children's ATM Bank

The Talking Children’s ATM Bank

This automatic teller machine is capable of adding and subtracting the balance as your kids deposit or withdraw money complete with encouraging phrases like “welcome to your 24hr ATM machine or even a phrase that says “good job”

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The Talking Children's ATM Bank 1

This Talking Children’s ATM Bank even comes with a secure combination lock right at the ATM’s bottom to allow young tellers to easily access their savings, it even comes with a backlit screen, ATM card transactions and more to make it your kids unique ATM bank to play with at home.

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