The Best Children’s Cash Register – Helps kids develop reasoning, logic skills, currency and other math problem

The Best Children's Cash Register

The Best Children’s Cash Register

You want to teach your kids the basic addition and subtraction? How about helping them recognize currency or even develop their reasoning and logic skills? Give them the Best Children’s Cash Register [VIDEO], a perfectly working cash register packed with lots of educational games to help your kids learn different math problem, US currency and of course the change-making skills.

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The Best Children’s Cash Register allows kids to insert a named coin, match dollar amount or enter an amount using the easy to press keypad. This cash register even includes a spoken voice that is very easy to understand while its included LCD screen makes young cashier read the total amount entered clearly.

The Children’s Cash Register already includes some US plastic coins, paper bank notes, credit card, a working scale, coupon scanner and coin slot.

Visit [THIS PAGE] for other cool features.

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