The Superior Children’s Tablet – A powerful tablet computer for kids with lots of fun and educational apps

The Superior Children’s Tablet [VIDEO] is not just one of those ordinary tablet computers out there simply because it is fully loaded with powerful tablet features like quad core processor, high resolution screen, 8GB memory partnered with lots of top rated fun and educational applications to make your kids busy at home or on the go.

The Superior Children’s Tablet is very easy to use and fun to play with, thanks to the tablet’s lots of unique features like parental control where parents can easily create a safe environment for kids or even use the tablet’s pre-configured website browser for browsing kids-safe sites.

The Superior Children's Tablet

The Superior Children’s Tablet

Other unique features of this tablet computer includes 35 award winning app including drawing apps where kids can unleash their creativity, enjoy 16 of their favorite arcade games like doodle jump and a lot more.

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This tablet computer also includes a music player and kids camera so they can also enjoy listening to their favorite music or even create their very own music video all complete with fun effects.

Other important features includes interactive books as well as nook and an app shop so kids can see all free apps for them to download.

Watch the Superior Children’s Tablet in action [HERE].

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