The Steerable Ski Sled – the snowmobile style ski sled controlled by a steering wheel

Not satisfied with your ski sled because it cannot provide the most fun in the snow? Try this Steerable Ski Sled. (Available Here for only $149.95)

This uniquely designed snowmobile is your perfect answer simply because it allows riders to easily steer the wheel, just perfect for any ski rider to easily avoid any obstacles.

Steerable Ski Sled

Equipped with unique features, this tri-ski sled is perfect when it comes to responding instantly to a rider’s turn of its steering wheel, it even comes with a uniquely designed braking system designed to help increase the rider’s perfect control every time.

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Steerable Ski Sled 2

The Steerable Ski Sled also comes with a comfortable seat designed to help cushion the ride especially when the rider starts sledding down the hill and best of all, it’s made with sturdy, high density polyethylene capable of supporting riders of up to 500lbs. Weighs only 14lbs and only measures 18x20x45 inches in height, width and length respectively.

You can buy this snowmobile style ski sled for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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