The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game – Your kids perfect floating shooting carnival game

The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game [SOURCE] is perfect for providing kids some floating carnival game simply because it allows them to compete in displacing plastic balls using squirt cannons, first to eject the balls right from the sturdy cylinder wins the game.

The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game

The Space Shoot-Out Inflatable Shooting Game

If you love our Inflatable Giant Rubber Duckie then this inflatable Space Shoot-out toy is your next option because uses sturdy yet flexible cannon that extends nicely below the bottom of the float straight to the pool so it can constantly supper the cannon water needed to target the cylinder that is built into the float’s alien themed backboard.

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The Inflatable Water Shooting Float 1

The inflatable space shoot-out float already includes all six green and yellow balls that should be displaced by aiming into the cylinder with maximum frequency in order to win the game and because this inflatable is very easy to inflate using air pumps, kids ages 8 years old and above will simply love playing the floating carnival game right at their own pool.

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