The Giant Rubber Duckie – An 8 feet tall inflatable rubber duckie that imparts irresistible whimsy to one’s pooltime fun

The Giant Rubber Duckie [SOURCE] is an 8 feet tall rubber duckie inflatable perfect for imparting fun time right at your kids favorite pool, beach or even at their own favorite backyard, thanks to rubber duckie’s uniquely designed construction partnered with eye catching yellow color, celebrating any kind of party at home with your kids guest is now more fun and entertaining.

The Giant Rubber Duckie

The Giant Rubber Duckie

This giant rubber duckie is very sturdy because it uses thick PVC capable of withstanding bumps and jostles of fun pooltime, it even allows your kids to squeeze the duckie’s beak, do some head pats and more.

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The Giant Rubber Duckie 1

This inflatable rubber duckie inflates easily using electric air pump just perfect for providing kids with some fun waterplay and because this duckie floats in fresh or saltwater or even use it as your kids base in playing game of alligator tag or as a listening partner for a lonely child.

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