The Revving Throttle Electric Motorcycle – Your kids classic yet sturdy rechargeable electric motorcycle

The Revving Throttle Electric Motorcycle is perfect for kids who want to drive an electric motorcycle right at their very own backyard complete with unique and realistic roaring engine sound and classic motorcycle look. Simply let your kids turn the throttle up and they’re on their way to revving around.

The Revving Throttle Electric Motorcycle

The Revving Throttle Electric Motorcycle

Besides electric motorcycle’s skirted fenders, exhaust pipes and chrome trim, it also comes with sturdy spokes and shocks partnered with chrome colored engine blocks just enough to show those classic yet exciting look that your kids may ride around with their friends.

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The Revving Throttle Electric Motorcycle even comes with 2 stabilizing wheels to help kids maintain their balance while its large seat design will simply allow 2 riders to rev around at 3+mph for some joyride afternoon.

Other unique feature of this electric motorcycle for kids include a front lights that will allow the rider to alert fellow riders that they’re coming while its rechargeable battery will provide kids for up to 1 plus hours of joyride after a 12hrs. Of charging using its included AC adapter.

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