The Lightshow Pixie Backpack – A cool backpack with illuminated wings that whisks young imaginations into fantasy

The Lightshow Pixie Backpack [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed backpack with built-in illuminated wings perfect for kids who wants to travel their young imagination into illusion of flying with flashing wings just like their favorite movie show.

The Lightshow Pixie Backpack

The Lightshow Pixie Backpack

This cool backpack already includes a built-in white LED lights that can be controlled to flash quickly or slowly when flying or walking, it can even be set to flash steadily when kids are just plainly looking at their favorite surroundings or having fun with other kids.

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The Lightshow Pixie Backpack 1

The Lightshow Pixie Backpack is made with long lasting nylon material complete with inner compartment perfect for storing your kids favorite book, lunch box or other school stuff.

This Pixie Backpack is perfect for children ages 3 years old and above and already includes an adjustable shoulder straps so it can easily fit kids up to 42 inches tall.

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