The Palm Sized Auto Hover Helicopter – an indoor or outdoor copter small enough to fit in the palm of your hand

The Palm Sized Auto Hover Helicopter (currently taking orders here) is your kids perfect remote control helicopter simply because besides its easy to fly function, this RC helicopter can also be used for some fun whether indoor or outdoor use.

Thanks to this small yet powerful auto hovering helicopter equipped with a barometric sensor partnered with an integrated gyro chip so kids can take-off, hover and even land the copter automatically simply by pressing a button.

Palm Sized Auto Hover Helicopter

The Palm Sized Auto Hover Helicopter

This palm sized helicopter is equipped with a dual joystick 2.4ghz remote control designed to help kids automatically control the different flight features of the helicopter including maneuvering forward and backward and even trimming left or right.

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Palm Sized Auto Hover Helicopter1

This Palm Sized Helicopter is made with aluminum to make it durable enough, it can even be operated at your kids preferred speed and best of all, it can provide up to 8min of flight time especially when fully charged using its included USB charger.

You can buy this easy-to-fly auto hovering helicopter for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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