The World’s Smallest Stunt Helicopter – with intuitive remote that detects motion allowing kids to direct the helicopter in any direction with the wave of a hand

The World’s Smallest Stunt Helicopter (available here) is unique because besides its size of only 3 inches long, this smallest helicopter is unique because it can perform 360 stunts without any problem.

Thanks to the helicopter’s easy to use remote control equipped with easy to use buttons partnered with detection motion designed to help your kids perform different stunts with the wave of their hand.

World's Smallest Stunt Helicopter

The World’s Smallest Stunt Helicopter

This stunt helicopter even comes with an auto launching and landing function complete with an altitude lock so kids can perform comfortable and most of all, stable stunts every time.

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World's Smallest Stunt Helicopter1

The World’s Smallest Stunt Helicopter is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and best of all, it has an air pressure sensor with integrated gyro chip and hovering feature to make it your kids perfect drone helicopter to play with at any time.

You can buy the smallest drone helicopter for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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