The Floating Obstacle Course – the perfect inflatable floating raceway this summer

Looking for some water fun and adventure this summer? Try the Floating Obstacle Course, an inflatable floating raceway capable of handling up to 60 contestants at a time to have some water obstacle adventure, thanks to its huge and at the same time sturdy construction, navigating around and doing some obstacle matches is now more fun and breathtaking.

The Floating Obstacle Course

The Floating Obstacle Course

Whether you love pit jumping, descending or climbing obstacle race, this inflatable floating obstacle course is simply the best when it comes to providing fun and exciting summer time, you can even decide if climbing beams is perfect for the course than crawling through different arches.

This floating raceway is made of heavy duty and durable materials, while its UV protected and hot-air welded seams will ensure years of fun and dependable play. Each inflatable sections can easily be connected using a heavy duty stainless steel and nylon strap fittings and requires anchoring for more fun and safer racing water adventure.

The Floating Obstacle Course already comes with an electric pump, inflates in 2 hours and deflates in just a matter of 30 minutes.

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