LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set – help kids develop their imaginative and creative skills

You want to develop your kids imaginative and creativity skills? Give them LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set, a colorful and fun educational package designed to help and encourage kids to be more creative and imaginative simply by providing them with an educational playground set.

LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set

LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set

The LEGO Education DUPLO Playground Set already includes activity cards, lots of colors, special elements and of course a specially made number tiles ideal for teaching kids early numbers, fun and creative play and an imaginative storytelling.

This playground set also uses language related to shapes, positions and colors plus it even comes with booklet that teaches kids how to explore communities, people and other fun activities. This LEGO duplo playground set already comes with a sturdy storage for keeping the materials safely for later use.

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