The Drone Obstacle Racecourse – An obstacle course that challenges rival racers to navigate drones past the finish line

The Drone Obstacle Racecourse —[SOURCE]— is perfect for drone lovers out there who wants to compete against other drone racers navigating around different obstacles like around the race flags and even through the rings of fire in order to past the finish line.

This obstacle racecourse can be setup indoors or outdoors, it even includes a drone capable of flying around in perfect balance, thanks to the drone’s perfect gyroscope mechanism, maneuvering in 360 degrees and even propelling up and down or those left and right and even moving forward and backwards will not be a problem.

The Drone Obstacle Racecourse

The Drone Obstacle Racecourse

This drone racecourse already includes a pair of 2.4ghz remote controls to allow young drone fanatics to start operating the included drones even at 80 feet away, it even includes a starting pole, different racetracks markers and finishing poles so kids can setup and enjoy the race right away.

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The Drone Obstacle Racecourse 1

The Drone Obstacle Racecourse already comes with cable chargers for juicing up the drone to race for up to 7min of flight when fully charged while the included remote control will require 2 triple-a batteries each. Perfect for kids ages 10 years old and above and only weighs 1oz.

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