The Voice Controlled Drone – Your kids unique drone that takes off, moves forward and even spins at 360 degrees using voice commands

Is your kid’s drone capable of following voice command? If not then here’s The Voice Controlled Drone [SOURCE] capable of taking off, moving forward and even spinning at 360 degrees using your kids voice, thanks to the voice controlled drone’s unique voice-recognition system, kids will surely love flying their favorite drone every time.

The Voice Controlled Drone

The Voice Controlled Drone

The Voice Controlled Drone already includes a unique headset partnered with an easy to use microphone where kids can use to control the drone easily plus it even features 6-axis gyro system so your kids can perform mid-air stunts like figure-eights or even hard banks of course without worrying about the drone’s stability.

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The drone’s built-in battery will allow your kids to have so fun flights for up to 10 minutes with just an hour of battery charging using its included USB cable. Just don’t forget to add some batteries though to the included remote control. Perfect for kids ages 14 years and above.

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