The Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts – the remote controlled bumper crafts that pit two players in a duel

Thanks to these 2 player RC bumpercrafts, putting players in a duel in order to literally unseat the driver from the remote control bumpercrafts will be more fun and exciting every time.

Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts

The included impact area button located strategically at both sides of the bumpercraft partnered with an integrated spring capable of ejecting the driver away of its seat will entice remote control fanatics to have fun any time, they can even control the craft in any direction using the included remote control up to 15 feet away smoothly without any problem.

Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts 2

The Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts are capable of moving using a concealed drive and guide wheels and best of all, each driver can easily be put back into their driver seat simply by clicking back into its place. Perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above and only weighs 2lbs.

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