The RC Flying Car – Your kids spinning, looping and rolling remote control car that can fly high at 130 feet

Is your kids remote control car capable of racing over grounds and flies high in mid air executing sharp curve to the left and right at 130 feet away? If not, then use the RC Flying Car, a 67mph scale speed drone that uses 2.4ghz radio remote just perfect for that spinning, looping and rolling you’ve been looking for in a remote control vehicle.

The RC Flying Car

The RC Flying Car

The RC Flying Car uses 2 different ground and air speeds and is capable of responding agilely in different movements like up and down, left to right or even side to side flights, thanks to the rc car’s powerful yet effective high efficiency propellers, moving at 360 degrees will not be a problem.

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The RC Flying Car 1

This drone is also equipped with 6 axis motion sensitive gyro stabilizers designed to provide perfect flight performances while its included remote control allows the owner to adjust nicely focusing on the drone’s unique performances.

The included remote allows rc fanatics to enjoy up to 5 minute of flight time from a fully charged battery using its included charger and is perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above.

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