The Children’s Maserati Scooter – the children’s scooter decorated with the classic Maserati trident logo

Still looking for a last minute gift for your children this Christmas? Give them the Children’s Maserati Scooter, a uniquely designed scooter designed for kids from the famous automaker from Italy.

This children’s scooter comes complete with unique logo and is constructed with sturdy aluminum frame so you can be sure, it is safe enough for riders up to 50lbs.

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Children's Maserati Scooter

Children’s Maserati Scooter

This Maserati Scooter has an adjustable handlebar made from alloy and because it has 3-wheel design, getting a perfect stability every time your kids step into the scooter will not be a problem.

The scooter’s slip-resistant deck on the other hand partnered with 4 and 3/4in. tires will make sure it can handle a perfect grip on different pavements so kids can have a confident left and right turn maneuvering every time.

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Children's Maserati Scooter 1

The rear tire on the Maserati Scooter contains a step brake so even kids from ages 3 years old and above will be able to stop and go without any problem and best of all, it only measures 30x22x9 inches in height, length and width respectively.

You can buy the Maserati Scooter for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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