The Steam Breathing Stomping Dragon – A dragon that belches harmless steam

The Steam Breathing Stomping Dragon is your kids perfect Christmas gift this 2019 simply because of its uniqueness when it comes to belching harmless steam, stomping and at the same time screeching as it roams around flapping its wings.

This battery operated scaly dragon uniquely stands at 12 inches high and 16 inches long starting from is nose straight to its tail, enough to scare away young adventurers, it even comes with a glowing red eyes to make it look like those fantastical creatures from a dragon movie.

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Steam Breathing Stomping Dragon

Steam Breathing Stomping Dragon

This dragon even comes with a flapping wings, a stomping feet that moves forward without any problem while its clawed forelimbs raises up as it brings out rage noise.

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Steam Breathing Stomping Dragon 1

This battery operated scaly Dragon is perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above and only needs 3 triple-a batteries to keep the dragon fully functional.

You can buy the steam breathing stomping dragon for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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