The Build A Brick Roller Coaster – An interlocking brick set that forms a working 4′-long roller coaster

The Build A Brick Roller Coaster [SOURCE] is equipped with Nine Hundred plus pieces of brick set that interlocks easily so kids can easily form a nice roller coaster that is 4 feet long.

This roller coaster is capable of standing up to 12 feet tall when assembled enough to send your kids favorite train perfect for that series of banking turns and even those dropping actions of course right under the power of its own strength.

The Build A Brick Roller Coaster

The Build A Brick Roller Coaster

This interlocking brick set allows wannabe engineers to build twists, turns and even trusses, thanks to its included manual, kids ages 14 years old and above, will surely enjoy building a working roller coaster and playing with their favorite train every time.

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The Build A Brick Roller Coaster is unique because it is compatible with other brick building sets, perfect if kids want to configure alternative layouts and best of all, it already includes a self-constructed plastic chain and an easy to use hand-crank to help propel the roller coaster train straight to the lift hill.

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