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The 7′ Tall Motorized Roller Coaster – A 797 pieces rollercoaster play set that rises high and automatically launches its single car with a motorized accelerator

The 7′ Tall Motorized Roller Coaster [SOURCE] is an easy to snap 797 pieces roller coaster play set that can be assembled to make a 7′ high roller coaster ride complete with towers, turns and twists track just perfect for kids who want to play a roller coaster fun ride.

The 7' Tall Motorized Roller Coaster

The 7′ Tall Motorized Roller Coaster

The motorized roller coaster play set can be setup in two different models perfect for providing your kids the trill and chill they’ve been looking for when playing coaster car, just follow the included and easy to use manual and you’re good to go.

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The 7' Tall Motorized Roller Coaster 1

This roller coaster play set already includes a coaster car capable of spinning around the track even at high speed drive looping around, banking curves and returns back to the launcher without any problem, thanks to the coaster car’s unique motorized accelerator, starting your kids coaster car journey from the start to finish or even in continuous looping will not be a problem.

The 7' Tall Motorized Roller Coaster 2

This motorized roller coaster with 7′ track is very easy to assemble, thanks to its included color-coded instruction booklet, kids ages 9 years old and above can now come up with their very own roller coaster construction set easily anytime anywhere.

Watch the roller coaster in action [HERE].

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