The Award Winning Symphony Blocks – Helps kids learn about music, colors and shapes easily

The Award Winning Symphony Blocks [SOURCE] is designed to help your kids learn about colors, shapes and music, simply let your kids rearrange the blocks in any order right into its uniquely designed base to start playing different melodies.

The Award Winning Symphony Blocks

The Award Winning Symphony Blocks

Each side of the award winning symphony block is capable of playing different phrase of music when pressed or simply press the red button on the base front to let the device play all phrases in sequence, you can even flip the switch to change the music from symphonic, jazz, African and even classical performances.

The Award Winning Symphony Blocks 2

This award winning symphony block uses different primary color perfect for teaching kids about colors while its different shapes at each side of the block will teach young ones basic shapes.

Other important feature includes adjustable volume control, sturdy and colorful base with built-in speaker and 4 double-a battery already included so kids ages 2 and above will let your toddler start learning music, shapes and colors at home.

Visit [THIS PAGE] to read the rest of the features.

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