The Talking RC Police Cruiser – A remote controlled police car capable of recording your kids own voice to broadcast to potential suspects

The Talking RC Police Cruiser is a remote controlled police car [SOURCE] designed for kids who wants to not just drive their very own police car but at the same time allow them to record their very own message in order to broadcast to any potential suspects instructing them to stay away.

The Talking RC Police Cruiser

The Talking RC Police Cruiser

The Talking RC Police Cruiser is capable of recording up to 15 seconds of audio messages like ‘that’s my toy, drop it or else’ or even ‘This is my private room, stay out!’ just to alert someone.

The Talking RC Police Cruiser 2

This Talking RC plays the recorded sounds like it’s coming out from an officer inside the car, enough to get rid of suspected criminals roaming around while its heavy duty off road tires are designed to pursue suspects even on rough terrain.

The Talking RC Police Cruiser 3

This Talking RC Police Cruiser already comes with 8 flashing LEDs enough to break up traffic during quick chases while the RC’s built-in siren and other included emergency sounds can also be played during emergency calls.

This Talking RC is perfect for kids ages 8 and above and uses 5 double-a batteries for the cruiser and 2 double-a batteries for the controller.

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