The Avengers Virtual Reality Battle – A head-mounted blaster game that challenges children to battle Ultron

The Avengers Virtual Reality Battle [SOURCE] is your kids perfect blaster game simply because it allows them to battle Ultron just like their favorite movie ‘The Avengers’.

Armed with powerful blaster, wannabe SHIELD agents simply select from different levels of game difficulty and start joining the Avengers to help defeat their nefarious foe. Simply secure the headset around your kid’s head using its included adjustable strap and wait till it projects 3 alternating images from the inside of the goggles.

The Avengers Virtual Reality Battle

The Avengers Virtual Reality Battle

To start the game, simply aim the powerful blaster at Ultron and pull the trigger in order to mark a point, just avoid hitting iron man though so you don’t lose a point.

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The Avengers Virtual Reality Battle is also equipped with realistic sound effects, displays score tally right on its included digital counter and best of all, it already includes 4 cards for some additional hide and find at home challenge with your friends.

Watch Virtual Reality in action [HERE].

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