The Glow In The Dark Doodle Dome – A domed tent that lets kids doodle all over its phosphorescent interior

The Glow In The Dark Doodle Dome [SOURCE] is your kids perfect tent simply because it allows them to shine the dark dome with its included light wand and letting them scribble abstract or even make some unique designs using the included stencil sheets.

Unlike using ordinary paint, markers or crayons, this glow in the dark domed tent allows young painters to make their very own masterpieces that won’t make any mess simply because their design will fade away after a few minutes.

The Glow In The Dark Doodle Dome

The Glow In The Dark Doodle Dome

The Dark Doodle Doome’s black nylon material on the other hand is capable of blocking out almost all kinds of ambient light, just enough to provide your kids some hours of glowful doodling night or day and best of all, it is design to easily setup and is large enough that even up to 3 kids can have fun and entertaining hours every time.

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The glow In The Dark Doodle Dome springs into shape easily and almost instantly while its 5 stabilizer poles provides enough support. This dome tent also includes a zippered carrying bag and requires 2 triple-a batteries.

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