The 6 Foot Teddy Bear – Your kids perfect huggable friend

The 6 Foot Teddy Bear

This 6 Foot Teddy Bear is designed to provide not just to serve as your kids huggable friend but at the same time can perfectly give an accommodating sleeping or resting area where kids can induce a comfortable siesta.

The 6 Foot Teddy Bear is not just friendly when it comes to hugging, thanks to its soft 100 percent polyester fur shaped uniquely so it can give a welcoming look to all teddy bear lovers out there.

This teddy bear can be position in any way your kids want while its movable arms, lovely eyes, cute muzzle and soft nose can perfectly create a calm and peaceful expression while lounging.

Ideal for kids ages 3 and above, this durable and long lasting 6 foot teddy bear can completely withstand even hundreds of hugs. Go ahead and try it.

-$149.95 at hammacher

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