The 5′ Animated Dancing Skeleton – doffs a top hat and kicks out a leg in a ghoulish yet comedic tap dance

You want to display a dancing skeleton right at your very own front-lawn grave? Use this 5 feet animated dancing skeleton.

A uniquely designed animated skeleton capable of doffing a top hat and even kicking out a leg in a horrifying at the same time comedic dance ideal for entertaining trick or treaters out there. –Currently Taking Orders Here

Animated Dancing Skeleton

This 5’ Dancing Skeleton is unique because it uses up to 390 LED lights enough to lit the skeletal performer, it even comes with a green cane, a purple top hat and a bony white legs akimbo.

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Animated Dancing Skeleton 2

The 5 Feet Animated Skeleton works simply by flashing the included LED lights every second enough to create that illusion of moving the skeleton’s hat while at the same time kicking out his leg showing, greeting and entertaining any passersby with its unique moves.

You can buy this dancing skeleton for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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